Food Allergy - Test Procedure


1. No physician or doctor’s referral is needed, please make an appointment with us by telephone (28657073) or e-mail ( to complete the blood sampling process at our allergy test centre which can be finished in 10 minutes.

Call our clinic at 28657073


2. Blood sample will be couriered in our US-based laboratory for analysis, using highly accurate technique, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay – ELISA, to test for the levels of allergic or inflammation inducing antibodies for up to 204 foods, each specimen will be tested for 2 times in order to ensure accuracy and reliability, report will be released in about 3 weeks.

ELISA food allergy testing


3. A personalized 4-day Rotational Diet Plan will be prepared for each client with a 30-minute consultation provided by our nutritionist.  Clients are welcome and recommended to bring along their previous body check reports so that we can give even more comprehensive dietary recommendation.

food allergy test report

4. A follow up retest can be performed after 6-9 months of rotating diet and food eliminiation.