Genetic DNA testing for Nutrition and Fitness - Nutrigenomic test or Nutritional DNA test

We have introduced oral fluid DNA test to let our client choose their food and exercise based on their own genetic makeup.  Saliva specimen is couriered to our collaborating laboratory in Canada for analysis.  The laboratory is a CAP and CLIA accredited lab which is backed up by the University of Toronto.  A single test will be valid for the whole life.  This DNA test screens for 45 reliable genetic markers which provide important information on the following  7 aspects (total 32 genetic information on nutrition and fitness):

1. Nutrients metabolism (i.e. how efficient for nutrients absorption and utilisation)

2. Cardiovascular health status

3. Weight management and body composition

4. Food intolerances (lactose and gluten)

5. Eating habits (tendency towards craving for fat taste, sugar and starch)

6. Fitness and physical activity (motivation to exercise, exercise behavior, power and strength, endurance)

7. Injury risk (pain tolernace and tendency towards soft tissue tendon injury)

Clients can choose or avoid certain food items, perform or avoid certain exercise according to their gene and genetic variation so as to optimise and harmonise their health, and to reduce the tendency towards certain diseases and sport injury.