Detoxification for Heavy Metal Poisoning


Why chronic exposure to toxic metals harm your body?


Toxic metals accumulates in different organs, while the brain, liver, kidney and bones are the major site for suffering. Symptoms like chronic fatigue, poor memory, frequent infections, joint pain can be experienced.

Certain foods able to enhance the excretion of toxic metals from the body, we help clients to select the most appropriate one for detoxification.

In 2014, our nutritionist Mr. Raymond Chung was invited by the Hong Kong Baptist University to give speech in the first International Conference on Eco-aquaculture and Public Health and he has written an article on the detoxification effects of phytonutrients against environmental toxicants and sharing of clinical experience on practical applications, which is successfully published in a peer reviewed scientific journal and collectd by the US National Library of Medicine Pubmed medical journal database in 2015.