Starting from May 2018, Mineralysis has further upgraded and improved the sensitivity of its food allergy test service by reporting the exact score of each food allergen, not just classify the food into 4 categories to reflect their allergy or inflammation triggering effects.

Based on the exact allergic score, one can clearly understand the which food cause higher degree of allergy and vice versa, which can facilitate a more effective dietary therapy to tackle the allergy problems like skin inflammation or intestinal upset.


Mineralysis is a health clinic providing high quality services in nutrition and personal health.

Serving Hong Kong’s families and healthcare professionals since 1998, Mineralysis is committed to providing solutions in the fields of dietary problems, pollution, nutrition and personal mineral imbalance.

Mineralysis offers Hair Mineral Tests which have been accepted as effective for biological monitoring of toxic heavy metal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are being used for this purpose throughout the world.

We also provide Food Allergy Tests, Environmental Pollution Tests and Hair Drug Tests. These each assist in identifying specific problems and thus choosing the appropriate solutions.

Nutritional Advice is also one of our main services. You are what you eat. Selecting proper foods is not only important for sustaining basic body functions, but also essential for the prevention of degenerative disease. In both western nutrition and Chinese medicine nutritional therapy, food is not just a source of nutrients to sustain life in general, it is also a “medicine”.