TCM Nutrition?


What is TCM Nutrition?

Other than offering western nutritional consultation, we also provide consultation under the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  We always put much effort in integrating the nutritional knowledge of from East and West in order to improve and enhance your health.

Food is considered to be the best “medicine” for the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as an essential way for enhancing disease recovery and wellness maintenance.  The knowledge of choosing the right food, what to eat or avoid will definitely help to alleviate or prevent the onset of a variety of diseases, like arthritis, headaches diabetes, elevated cholesterol, cataract, infertility, menstrual problems, cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease) and speed up traumatic recovery.

Since each person has each own body pattern (cold or warm body pattern), a personalized dietary recommendation should be adopted in dealing with the above ailments.  A typical example is the occurrence of skin problems in people with a warm body pattern, an increased consumption of cooling food like bitter melon or green beans (mung beans) will be beneficial to control the problem, however, for those who have a cold body pattern are not recommended to consume too much cooling food, or else intestinal discomfort and cold limbs will be experienced.  Instead of cooling food, people with cold body pattern should consume foods that can strengthen the digestive functions and liver’s detoxification, commonly used food items include Coix seeds (Chinese pearl barley) and bergamot.

Also, the periodic discomfort such as period pain or dizziness experienced by female will be benefited from the knowledge of Chinese Medicine Nutrition.

As for those who plan to lose weight, some natural foods or herbs are able to promote the burning of fat or inhibit the synthesis of fat. Moreover, the wisdom of Chinese Medicine Nutrition can strengthen the vitality and endurance of men, cigarette lover will be particularly benefited because lots of Chinese Medicinal food recipes/herbs possess antioxidative and cellular protective functions.