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Mineralysis have been providing service to the general public, health professions, hotels, clinics and hospitals since 1999 via its highly accurate and reliable hair, urine and blood test for screening of heavy metal poisoning, mineral imbalance, drug abuse and food allergy.  We also provide genetic DNA test to check the personalised nutritional requirement, fitness status, excercises type and injury risk.


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Our Professionals

Clair Beardson OMP, MRCHM, FRGS

Mineralysis, was opened 1998 by Clair Beardson. Clair comes from a family of Western medicine practitioners and has been a long term resident in Asia; this has enabled her to fully understand and appreciate the underlying beliefs and values of combining Western and Eastern Medicine. She studied at the London School of Oriental Medicine under Dr. Thong Tinh and then subsequently studied and worked in Hanoi at the major TCM hospital in Vietnam.

She is a staunch believer in the value of organic food and fully embraces the importance of good nutrition and the positive impact it can have on an individual's health and well-being. She strongly believes in matching the correct diet to the individual - to meet each individual's needs. She supervises the Hailey Estate in England where she has developed programmes to create a range of organic foods and also cultivates selected herbs for experimental, scientific programmes in collaboration with universities in Britain and Europe. For example, there has been an extensive programme working with Oxford University on artemisia and its impact on malaria.

Clair Beardson has over 25 years experience of Chinese medicine and its application to a wide range of contemporary ailments. She regularly speaks on topics related to nutrition and contemporary health. Clair also leads workshops and master classes in these areas.

Clair has seen the positive effects TCM has on patients - especially when combining western and eastern practices. She has been involved in advising national governments in Africa and the Middle East on introducing Chinese medicine into public health programmes. She is also working hard to bring the benefits of TCM to western societies which are overly dependent on synthetic medicines. Clair advises businesses on incorporating medical and nutritional facilities into their projects.

Clair was further honoured to represent this Western form of TCM at the first international conference in Vietnam for the potential future integration of western and traditional medicine. In addition, she was invited to participate in the World Botanical Garden conference in Wuhan in 2007 and has advised the Proyecto Andino, the botanical garden project in the Atacama Desert in Chile. She has participated in botanical expeditions in the Himalayas and Guatemala and she is a regular visitor to the World Economic Forum in Davos where she has been invited to talk. She is also a member of the International Dendrology Society.

Recently, Clair launched Clair’s Teas of Joy in response to requests for teas that taste pleasant, are 100% natural and filled with healthy botanical herbs. She has developed three tea collections to improve each drinker’s emotional wellbeing while helping to prevent illness and restore health. Available in several delicious flavours, they also encourage emotional harmony, stress alleviation, immune boosting and detoxification.

For more information, please visit https://clairsteasofjoy.com/


Raymond Chung (Bsc Hon Food and Nutritional Science and Dip in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies)

Raymond Chung received a BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Nutrition Science from The University of Hong Kong and holds a Diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies and the Certificate in Naturopathy and Health Management.

Raymond has been an integral part of the Albert Place Practice team since 2003. He is frequently invited by organizations such as Hong Kong University, Coutts Bank, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and Rotary International to speak on subjects such as detoxification, food allergy, food therapy for cancer recovery, food therapy for minimising side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, diabetes and nutrition. He is regularly interviewed by the South China Morning Post(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) to give comments on various health and nutritional issues such as food therapy for cancer recovery, food allergy and detoxification.

He is also the nutritionist for Mineralysis, a centre (linked to Albert Place) for the screening of heavy metal exposure and mineral imbalance. Mineralysis provides Western and Chinese Medicine Nutritional Advice, heavy metal detoxification, weight management and food therapy. Their hair tests determine mineral levels and detect drug use. Allergies to 184 Asian and Western foods and environmental pollutants/chemicals in foods, household and cosmetic products or packaging are screened in their laboratories.

The centre provides advice and support to doctors and the healthcare sector and also offers a thriving clinic for the public.

With the in-depth analysis available from Albert Place and Mineralysis, Raymond is able to fine tune a nutritional plan for every individual and achieve the desired results, improve health and prevent illness.

In 2014, he was invited by the Hong Kong Baptist University to give speech in the first International Conference on Eco-aquaculture and Public Health and he has written an article on the detoxification effects of phytonutrients against environmental toxicants and sharing of clinical experience on practical applications, which is successfully published in a peer reviewed scientific journal and collected by the US National Library of Medicine - Pubmed medical journal database in 2015: